With so many species to choose from, creating a decorative screen at your place is as simple as deciding on what height you need out of the plant you use, to gain the privacy you require.

Species like Callistemon – Slim provides a red flowering native growing plant that’s been developed to grow to approx. 3m high by 1.2m wide making it well used in small gardens.  If you’re dealing with a two story home next door then the fairly new Syzygium – Pinnacle is a great option reaching heights of 10m with only 1- 1.5m in width to the shrub.  Don’t overlook Syzygium – Sublime with thick foliage too, you are guaranteed full block out from each of these varieties and the typical white fluffy flower to draw native birds as an added bonus.

Other worthy species to consider are Acmena smithii a robust shrub for most soil types, Photinia – Red Robin for a bright red flush of new growth through Winter and Metrosideros – Dugald for a shorter hedge for on top of retaining walls or high garden beds,


Vibernum – Dense Fence, Michelia – Port Wine Magnolia, Murraya paniculata & Brunfelsia latifolia all provide a dense green foliaged hedging option with the added benefit of seasonal flowering.

Herbaceous plants like Rosemary and the spice, Laurus nobilis – Bay Tree, not only provide a screening option but can be utilized in the kitchen also.  Potted species can serve their purpose also when strategically placed.  Frangipani works really well in a large pot but remember they are deciduous so your Winter sitting area may not be as private.



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