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Complete Garden Guide

$11.00 Inc GST.

Product Overview:

New to gardening and need some guidance to get started? 

Want to be your own Landscape Designer and save time & money?

Our Complete Garden Guide will guide you though –

  • Planning your Landscape Design
  • Things to consider before installing new gardens or renovating existing ones.
  • Soil Health – What you need to know before you start planting.
  • How to make endless amounts of nutrient packed compost.
  • Planting new plants for success
  • Maintaining your beautiful garden including trimming, mulching, watering & fertilizing.


Our Complete Garden Guide will guide you though how to get started discussing various design elements, drainage issue to consider, working with the soil you have and then how to look after your garden once you’ve established it.

Here at Ezyplant we want to demystify gardening because we know how easy it is and how good it is for you.

Our Complete Garden Guide breaks it down to show you just how simple designing & caring for your garden really is.

Learn more about how to plan, install & manage your new & existing gardens.

Extensive Hints & Tips on:

  • planting so your plants thrive.
  • choosing the right mulch to keep the weeds at bay.
  • when to trim your plants to keep them looking lovely.
  • when and how much you need to water and fertilize your garden.

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