Lagerstroemia indica – Crepe Myrtle 

A deciduous species that can be easily trimmed to shrub height, left unpruned will grow 6-8m tall.  Flowers range in colour, from white, pink, mauve or purple and appear in late summer.  The petals are crepe-like, hence the name. Autumn provides foliage colours of yellow, orange and bronze.  Trim in late winter before new shoots appear to maintain required height.  Grows in all Climate Zones.

Jacaranda mimosifolia – Jacaranda Tree

This magnificent tree is for large gardens only.  Reaching 10-15m in height as well as spread ensures this tree will provide a great show. Covered in purple blue blooms in late spring and early summer often creating a superb colourful carpet of fallen flowers.  Requires a full sun position in well-drained soil.  Avoid trimming as tree will send vertical shoots, also known as water shoots up from the cut branches, ruining its lovely shape.  Grows in all Climate Zones.

Delonix regia – Poinsiana Tree

This semi deciduous, fast growing tree displays bright coral red flowers through the summer months.  Growing to 3-5m, sometimes taller, with a branch and root width of around 6m-8m, it requires adequate space.  Poinsianas loses their small fern like leaves through autumn, so be mindful of its placement near pools and paths. Large seed pods follow the flowering and can be 1/2m in length.  Providing the best summer shade with its extensive canopy.  It also has an extensive root system that can protrude from the ground surrounding the trunk so plant away from paths, pools and other structures.  Grows in all Climate Zones.

Liquidambar styraciflua – Liquidambar Tree

Displays the most spectacularly coloured foliage through autumn, ranging from yellow, orange, red to brown.  Maple shaped leaves are green through the warmer months turning to yellow, orange, red and browns before falling leaving a bare tree through the winter months.  Spring sees fresh foliage appear literally overnight and tiny inconspicuous greenish flowers which mature into small woody seed capsules.  Growing to around 20m with a 10-15m spread this tree needs some serious space, a full sun position in well-drained soil.  Grows in all Climate Zones.

Caesalpinnea ferrea – Leopard Tree

This large, deciduous tree reaching 20m has a beautiful display of yellow flowers through summer to autumn and medium sized, shiny seed pods after flowering.   Growing to 20m in height it will need full sun to part shade and some room to establish its deep root system.  Very hardy once established, the Leopard Tree gets its name from its bark, dapple grey through to brown.

Plumeria acutifolia – Frangipani Tree

A lovely deciduous tree with beautifully smelling flowers.  Flowers range from white with yellow centre, apricot, pink and even dark red and appear from May through to November.  Growing to around 8m and preferring a full sun position in well-drained soil, this tree can be susceptible to rust which will need to be treated.  The Evergreen Frangipani (Plumeria obtusa) has a darker green, rounded leaf end and does well in a pot though will still loose many leaves through winter unless in a very warm spot. Also grows to 8m.  Grows in all Climate Zones.

SALT TOLERANT – Suitable for seaside or poolside plantings

Magnolia grandiflora – Little Gem

Like the larger evergreen magnolias, Little Gem has the beautifully decorative leaves with each underside of the leaf a fury reddish-brown.  Reaching 8-10m in height and 5m wide, this slow growing plant has dense foliage and the most beautifully, large white flower through spring to summer.  Prefers a sunny spot though will cope in part shade.  Makes a great potted specimen.  Remove seed heads to promote new growth and more flowers.  Grows in all Climate Zones.

SALT TOLERANT – Suitable for seaside or poolside plantings

Tibouchina – Alstonville

This evergreen, small tree to 5m has a striking display of purple flowers through autumn, with distinctive green, hair covered leaves, making this an excellent feature tree.  Plant in full sun, well-drained soil, with regular water until established.  Prune after flowering and keep well mulched.  Grows in all Climate Zones.