Acalypha reptans – Stephie 

A lovely ground cover with long cylindrical, fluffy, red flowers through the summer months.  Grows to about 30cm x 30cm and prefers a semi shady position and regular watering.  Thrives in a hanging basket.  Grows in all Climate Zones.


A vigorous, fast growing, evergreen climber with glossy green leaves.  The flowers (common is yellow) are large & trumpet shaped.  Allamanda likes a warm sunny position and will not tolerate frosts.  Flowers November though to May so prune in early spring to shape and encourage good flowering.  Grows in all Climate Zones.

SALT TOLERANT – Suitable for seaside or poolside plantings


This vigorous climber will require a strong support to accommodate its growth.  Preferring a well-drained soil position in full sun or part shade, this vine will provide you with an abundance of flowers in a variety of colours from white, through to orange, pink and hot pink.  Fertilize with a Hibiscus Fertilizer and keep well-trimmed.  Dwarf variety “Bambino” is less veracious and performs well in pots.  Grows in all Climate Zones.

SALT TOLERANT – Suitable for seaside or poolside plantings

Cardinal Creeper – Ipomoea horsfalliae 

An evergreen, vigorous climber with woody stems that will require a strong support.  Glossy dark green foliage with clusters of deep pink flowers appearing from summer to winter.  The ball shaped buds prior to the flower opening provide a spectacular display alone.  Regular pruning will be required to train this plant and maintain size requirements. Plant in a full sun position in rich, well-drained soil.  You may find this one a little hard to find in nurseries but well worth the look.  Grows in all Climate Zones.

Gardenia augusta ‘Radicans’ – Dwarf Gardenia. 

This evergreen, prostrate growing plant has highly perfumed, creamy/white flowers through the warmer months.  Growing to a max of 0.5m high X 1.5m spread, this plant will perform best in a part shade position in well-drained soil.  Frost tender.  Mass planted will provide good coverage to the ground. Grows in all Climate Zones.

Phyllanthus multiflorus – Waterfall Plant 

This pretty, low growing plant has fern like foliage with flushes of new growth.   Use as a low hedging plant or allow it to grow naturally over a retaining wall.  Easily pruned to provide a dense habit.   Grows to about 80cm with a width of 2m however kept trimmed can be utilized a low growing shrub.  Performs at its best in full sun to part shade in well-drained soil.  Grows in Tropical Darwin, Tropical Cairns and Subtropical Region Climate Zones.

Pyrostegia venusta – Flame Vine 

This outstanding, evergreen creeper will make a feature on a fence, grown over the carport or shed and will easily hide any unsightly structure.  With an extensive display of orange flowers through winter this moderately growing vine will prefer a full sun, warm position in well drained soil, shelter from frost.  Trim back after flowering to encourage fresh new growth in spring.  Grows in all Climate Zones.

SALT TOLERANT – Suitable for seaside or poolside plantings

Rhoeo discolour 

This hardy, drought tolerant plant looks fabulous mass planted.  With striking green coloured leaves, with a purple underside, this plant is tough and vigorous so trim to maintain.  Provides good ground coverage growing to 50cm and once established needs little watering.  White boat shaped flowers appear throughout the warmer months.  Available in a dwarf and striped leaf variety this plant works well in a contained area or in a pot as a feature.  Consider planting at the base of palms.  Shelter from frost.  Grows in all Climate Zones.

SALT TOLERANT – Suitable for seaside or poolside plantings

Trachelospermum jasminoides – Japanese Star Jasmine 

This beautiful climbing plant has dark glossy leaves and from Summer to Autumn bears clusters of highly perfumed white star shaped flowers.  Can be used as a ground cover or a climber on a trellis or arbor.  Great performing plant.  Grows in all Climate Zones.

Trachelospermum jasminoides -Tricolour 

This hardy ground cover has attractive pink and cream variegation, changing to dark green with maturity.  Slow growing, it prefers a well-drained position in the full sun to part shade but will tolerate a shady spot.  Trim to create a dome shape, mulch well.  Grows in all Climate Zones.

SALT TOLERANT – Suitable for seaside or poolside plantings – Check Label.


This beautiful, hardy, deciduous vine makes for a great feature in the garden.  Grown over a veranda, covered entertainment area or a garden arbor this vigorous vine will provide a magnificent display with an abundance of highly scented blooms.  Available in white, a range of pinks or purple flowers this vine requires bi annual trimming (see our video tutorials) to promote mass flowering.  Plant in a well-drained sunny position and mulch well, keep soil moist.  Grows in all Climate Zones.