This herb with many benefits is one you may not readily think of growing but one you should consider.

Fresh herb are a real treat and if you have a sunny spot in your garden then there is no reason why you cannot grow some at your place. Without getting to fancy, a planting of parsley, basil, oregano, mint, sage, and thyme would keep most chiefs incredibly happy and you will utilize these herbs in winter recipes right now. Mint and Oregano have a running habit so best not planted out into the garden but rather into a pot so to restrict growth. Some herbs do not last for long so be prepared to replace them when needed so you can always enjoy fresh herbs at your doorstep.


Bay Tree in pot

Did you know that the bay leaf comes from the Bay (Laurel) Tree (Laurus nobilis) and can be grown in a pot (Laurus – Baby Bay grows to 2m), looking fantastic on its own merit?  Bay leaves added to casseroles, soups, and sauces like bolognaise adds a great depth of flavour.


bay laurel leaf original mine


It’s important to know that the leaves are not eaten just used to flavour your recipe.




This drought tolerant, perennial tree is native to the Mediterranean region and produces fragrant, leathery leaves which are usually dried and used in cooking. 

Bay Tree

Slow growing, this tree prefers full sun/part shade & is very resistant to pest attack & disease due to its insecticidal properties. This feature of this versatile herb also making the leaves especially useful in the pantry. It is known that storing a bay leaf or two with flours & grains will protect them from beetles, moths & other pests. Why not give it a try at your place! Using the older leaves from the tree for this purpose is best, drying them by wrapping them between paper towel and then under some type of weight like a heavy book. You can use the leaves fresh or dried in cooking, but each gives a different flavour.

With this tree growing 10-15m in height it is recommended that you keep it trimmed. The Bay Tree can be hedged making it a welcomed substitute for the standard hedging plants. Keep a look out for the dwarf form “Laurus – Baby Bay” which kept in a pot will perform well.

Whether you plant it in the ground or grow one in a pot, consider the Bay Tree for your garden.


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