It can be very daunting planning your garden and knowing where to start is often difficult, let alone choosing the right plant species.

If you're starting from scratch then the following points will provide the guidance you need to not only get started but to get it right...the first time.

Make a hand drawn sketch.

The more accurate you can make this the easier it will be in the long run and you will save yourself money, (by not making costly mistakes) leaving you with more money for your garden project!!  Take your time and consider the following before you get started.

Things to consider:

Site Analysis – consider aspect and drainage issues

Plant Selection

Structures to be incorporated

Your Outdoor Activities – how much space do you need for turf?

Pet Requirements

Terms that are important to know and understand

  • Full Sun/Part Shade
  • Part Shade/Dappled Shade
  • Native Species
  • Exotic Species
  • Salt Tolerant Species

What type of soil do you have & what can you do to improve it before planting?

For example:

  • Clay soils
  • Sandy soils
  • Loam soils

Each soil type being treated differently in preparation for planting.

Where are your utility services located & how could they be affected by the plantings you plant?

Do you need a service locator?  Your personal safety relies on your avoidance of disturbing buried electrical, water, sewerage, stormwater and gas lines.

How will house footings, paved/concrete areas be affected by the new planting you choose?

Large species of shrubs and trees should not be planted alongside your house or concrete surfaces.

Once you have considered the above and other points relevant to your personal situation planning your garden is easy.  Make a drawing of your site, including all structures, hard surfaces and lawn areas your garden requires.  Remaining areas can be planted out.  Our range of garden bed plans offer different shaped garden bed designs which include a plant selection suitable to the Climatic Zone where your site is located.  This patented modular system shows you what to plant and where to plant it in the garden bed area.

Consider utilizing our garden bed plans in oddly shaped garden areas, customizing by infilling the remaining space with smaller plants, like ground covers, annuals or tufting plants.

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Landscape Concept Plans Only

*The points above are indicative and not exhaustive of everything that you need, or may want to take into consideration.

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Along with good planning, maintenance is key to a fabulous garden design.