Chamaedorea – Bamboo Palm

Suitable for small gardens, this palm that will need a shady spot and regular watering to perform well.   Generally used as an indoor potted plant, the Bamboo Palm looks great in a tropical garden setting if protected from direct sunlight.  With tall, upright stems, this palm can reach around 2m in height and shoots from suckers on underground stems, like Bamboo.  Remove old stems to encourage new growth.  Indoors in cooler climates.  Grows in all Climate Zones.

Bismarckia nobilis – Bismarck Palm

Considerable space is needed for this fast-growing palm.  The large crown of fan like, blue green fronds on a solid trunk can grow to 10m in height, making it a spectacular feature in a large garden.  Grows best in a full sun position with adequate water.  Grows in Tropical Darwin, Tropical Cairns, Subtropical and Perth Regions, Temperate, SA and Inland Australia Climate Zones.

SALT TOLERANT – Suitable for seaside or poolside plantings

Chamaedorea atrovirens – Cascade Palm

A lovely, low growing clumping palm with dark green foliage.  Provides a tropical feel to the garden and grows to a maximum height of 2m.  Preferring a part shade position, though will cope in a sunny spot, protected from the hot afternoon sun.  Great indoor or entertainment area plant.  Grows in all Climate Zones, indoors only in Cool Climate Zones and Western Sydney.

Chrysalidocarpus lutescens – Golden Cane Palm

Clumps of golden stems and lush green foliage, reaching heights of up to 6m and creating a tropical feel, this palm is a very popular choice for tropical gardens.  Requires a large space in a sunny position.  Great screening plant or young canes can be trimmed to provide a more formal planting, featuring older, robust canes.  Thrives in well-watered pots.  Protect from cold by growing under a patio in cooler climates.  Grows in all Climate Zones.

SALT TOLERANT – Suitable for seaside or poolside plantings

Rhapis excelsa – Lady Palm

Multiple stems, forming a dense clump, topped by dark green, lobed fronds the Lady Palm adds sophistication to any area.  She prefers a shady spot in the garden and requires regular watering, slow growing, tolerates cold temperatures.  This palm makes a great indoor plant or potted specimen for your entertainment area.  Grows to around 2m in height. Grows in all Climate Zones.