Asplenium - Crows Nest Fern

Asplenium nidus – Birds Nest Fern 

These shade loving ferns add a lovely tropical feel to any garden.  Establishing easily if given moist but well drained soil, Birds Nest Ferns can grow to 1m in diameter.  They also do well in pots and tubs but they won’t like direct sunlight.  Fertilize with native plant food regularly.  Grows in Tropical Darwin, Tropical Cairns, Subtropical, Temperate Climate Zones.


Cordyline fruticosa

Cordyline fruticosa, Cordyline australis – Cordylines

There are about 15 species of Cordylines.  Eight species are native to Australia and each species has multiple varieties.  The range of leaf colours and widths is absolutely stunning.  Choose the right one for a sunny or a shady spot to give year-round lushness and colour in your garden.  Easy care water wise plants.  Grows in all Climate Zones.

 – Cordyline – Negra, Pink Diamond, Rubra, Red Sensation

SALT TOLERANT – Suitable for seaside or poolside plantings

Doryanthes excelsa - Spear Lily

Doryanthes excelsa, D. palmerii – Gymea Lily or Spear Lily

A striking plant with long, green, sword shaped, strappy leaves over 1m long.  A large, deep red flower appears on a long stem which can be 6m in height.  Flowers are bright red and nectar filled, attracting birds.  Slow to establish and flower but worth the wait. Makes a striking addition to native and tropical themed gardens.  Bird attracting.  Grows in most Climate Zones.

Xanthorrhoea johnsonii - Grass Tree - Black Boy

Xanthorrhoea johnsonii, X. glauca, X. preissii, X. australis – Grass Tree

This hardy plant likes well drained soil and full sun.  Very slow growing.  Long cylindrical leaves arch from the stem with a unique flower spike that can grow up to two metres in height.   Makes a striking addition to native gardens.  Bird attracting.  Grows in all Climate Zones.

SALT TOLERANT – Suitable for seaside or poolside plantings

Lepidozamia peroffshyana – Cycad Palm

This large cycad has spiky leaves that are resistant to most pests & diseases.  It is drought tolerant but slow growing to reach its mature size of 4m.  Preferring dappled shade, this specimen works well in Tropical Landscape Designs including feature pots.