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Garden planning made easy.

Ezyplant is an Australian owned company providing online landscape design services to home owners and contractors. With its unique product, modular Garden Bed Plans based on shape, EZYplant provides access, via Landscape Design Packages, to a range of professionally designed Garden Bed Plans along with valuable one on one support if needed. Choose Garden Bed Plans which include hardy, no fuss, low maintenance plant selection for your climatic region within Australia’s vast landscape.

Along with Customised Landscaping Plans (for more complex designs or large gardens), Online Garden Consultations (work one on one with Landscape Designer Helen Spry) & informative eBooks (learn more about Productive Gardening, Landscape Design and general garden maintenance), Ezyplant provides a Seasonal Edition of Hints & Tips that educates readers on their gardens and the many benefits gained when planning, planting & maintaining a property.

Ezyplant’s goal is to demystify gardening, encourage home owners to plan and plant a garden they can enjoy for many years to come.  Ezyplant’s products and services show home owners just how easy it is when you have good support and know how. With good landscape design and plant selection, everyone can enjoy a garden that suits their lifestyle and budget.

After working with clients for over 20 years and seeing the mistakes made when going it alone, our motto is …

Save Time & Money – Get It Right The First Time With Ezyplant!
  • Hundreds of professionally designed Garden Bed Plans that include Plant Species that thrive.
  • One on one support with a Landscape Design Professional to point you in the right direction and keep your project on track.
  • Custom designed Landscaping Plans that are easy to read and install.
  • Free information to support the knowledge growth of our clients.
  • Informative eBooks that provide step by step guidance to success with growing food and maintaining the garden design they install.
  • Seasonal Hints & Tips direct to our valued subscriber’s inboxes.
  • Spades of passion to support home owners to save time and money.
  •  Take a look at what our clients think…

(Licenses available for various climatic regions within Australia – enquire at info@ezyplant.com.au)

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What Makes EZYplant Unique?

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A Lifelong Passion Comes To Life!

Landscape Designer

Founder & Landscape Designer – Introducing Helen Spry.

Born into a family of green thumbs, Helen Spry has been blessed to run her own business’ within the horticulture industry for the past 20+ years, whilst raising two gorgeous sons.  She’s a passionate person who values family, friends and quiet time in the garden.  Helen loves to sing, cook and music is a passion she shares with her husband of 25 years.

In 2001 she took a leap and established her Landscape Design Consulting business – Eco Garden Design (QLD.) Pty. Ltd..  With a passion to reach more people and an idea to take Landscape Design online, Ezyplant.com.au was developed in 2009.  Helen’s dream came true seeing Ezyplant provide affordable access to pre-designed Garden Bed Plans that include plant species that work in the various climatic regions of Australia.  It’s been a massive journey for Helen & the team over the years however her passion for everything Horticulture never wains.

Eco Garden Design continues to service the Moreton Bay Region with onsite consultations and landscape design plans whilst Ezyplant.com.au provides online landscape design services nationally.

The development of Ezyplant has been one of Helen’s greatest professional achievements by far. Securing patents in Australia & New Zealand and developing the various climatic regions within Australia has seen Ezyplant support more & more home owners with their Landscape Design needs.

With her ongoing passion to support home owners with affordable Landscape Design Services, Helen & the Ezyplant Team continue to work hard to extend the online services of Ezyplant into further regions of Australia.