With beautiful winter days ahead, it’s a great time to enjoy the warm sunshine and get out into the garden. We always like to make suggestions of projects that you can achieve in an afternoon at your place. Some may take longer depending on the size of your property but nether the less need doing at this time of the year.


At the end of the day if you have time to get some mulching done, then get it done. For obvious reason we suggest you make the most of the cooler weather but this can be a busy time of year for many too.
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Depending on your plant selection, Winter can see the garden become quite dull. If replanting with some colourful foliage plants is not an option, then consider the addition of flowering annuals. Seasonal plantings of flowering annuals can really brighten things up and when planted out in pots, can be moved into the house to add a beautiful display. Petunias, Begonias & Pansies (to name just a few) are all available now at your local supplier.

       begonia3       Petunias       pansy mammoth sangria punch       

Images of Begonia, Petunia & Pansy. 
Now that the mowing is not happening as regularly (sigh of relief) the weeds have the perfect opportunity to take hold in your lawn.  Winter sees one of the worst ones of them all. Bindii!!!  
Now is the best time to get onto of any bindii plants that are emerging in your lawn whether you hand weed them or spray that is your choice but for small areas hand weeding is best and
the bees will be eternally thankful.

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Fruit Trees.

Winter is the perfect time to establish new citrus trees or to transplant an existing one to another position in your garden. Your soil will govern your approach but either way it is best to
provide some mounding to ensure they do not get wet feet.

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