The cooler weather will see the growth of weeds slow down but winter weeds, not seen other times of the year, start to emerge.This one is one to watch out for!

BindiiBindii Weed

also known as Soliva sessilis, will be germinating now through the cooler months.  If left, it will cause all sorts of problems for the kids and your pets in summer, when the plant dies back revealing the prickles. Identifying Bindii is the first step in its eradication. The plant typically forms a rosette of fine, fern-like leaves, with clusters of small yellow flowers emerging in spring and summer. But its defining feature is the sharp, spiky seed pods that form after flowering, causing considerable discomfort when stepped on.
If your lawn is infested than a commercial spray may be in order, otherwise they are easily pulled by hand with a weeding fork or alike. Leaving them untreated will see your problem worsen next season as more seeds will be present in your lawn to germinate.
The one trick, no matter what the weed is, is to stay on top of the seed cycle.  If you can remove or poison weedy plants before they get the opportunity to flower and produce seeds, you are one step closer to breaking the cycle.  Additionally, encourage thick grass growth by over seeding and maintaining soil fertility to create conditions unfavorable for weed establishment.
Time doesn’t always allow, but keeping an eye on problem areas and removing weeds sooner rather than later, will make your garden a lot easier to manage.
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