Cumquat Fruit 2If you have been thinking about planting some fruit trees then now is a great time to get some citrus trees in.  
Now that the weather is cooler choose the citrus you are wanting and start preparing the soil. Citrus are shallow feeders and prefer good drainage. It is recommended to plant them in a mound of soil to provide them with a good start.  
Create a mound around 1m in diameter and 400mm in height in the centre. Remove your pot or bag and plant your new citrus tree in the centre of the mound ensuring that all the roots are covered and that the trunk has not been planted any deeper than it was in the pot.  Water area well and consider an application of citrus fruit fertilizer. Mulch around the base of the tree using sugar cane mulch ensuring the trunk is clear of any mulch and then water weekly through the cooler months if there hasn’t been sufficient rainfall.  
Ensure any fruit that sets over the coming year is removed to ensure that the plant puts all its energy into establishing a sound root system. This will pay dividends in the long run. Also remove any new shoots that appear below the graft as these will be from the root stock. When spring arrives your tree will need another application of fertilizer.

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