Spring vegetablesIt’s another great season for growing produce and with the weather warming up, now is the time to get planting in the  spring vegie garden.  If you haven’t already, get your garden beds ready for spring plantings by adding some lime, mushroom compost, a blood & bone product and plenty of your own home made compost.  Your compost should include manure of some sort and this will provide loads of nutrients over the coming weeks.  Remember to mulch well using sugar cane or lucerne hay.  We prefer the organic, finely cut sugar cane mulch because it is easy to transport and easy to spread over your garden beds.  Water your beds well and allow to sit for a week or two but start planning what you are going to plant.

Get ready for Summer heat.

How will you protect your lettuce, rocket & other delicates in summer when the sun becomes so very hot?  Structures are best put in place now to alleviate disturbing your plantings or the chance that you may accidentally stand on something!  There are many options but we suggest you consider re-purposing something, be creative and save!!

Why not try growing something you haven’t before? 

Potatoes in plastic bagsWe find that Potatoes are often overlooked and given they don’t even need to be in the veggie garden, if space is limited, then they are a must try for container growers. Try growing them in bags, tyres or pots.  As long as you provide good drainage & good soil you should be rewarded with a good crop.

Otherwise what about a melon?  The kids love watermelon and they are so easy to grow, though you do need a bit of room as they send out long vines. Plant out in late spring but don’t put them in with the potato they won’t like that companionship.


Anyway have some fun growing this season &  if you need some help getting started or you’re not sure what to plant, check out our Vegetable Garden eBooklet. Filled with all that you need to know to be productive in your own backyard, including composting, garden bed prep, planting guide & organic pest control! 

Vegetable Garden ebooklet

Start today with our Vegetable Garden eBooklet and you’ll be harvesting before you know it!