Raised Potato BedsIt doesn’t matter how much space you have, there’s a growing method that will allow you to grow potatoes!  

When spring has arrived and your soil have warmed to 10-15°C, plant your seed potato 30cm apart in your veggie garden. If you don’t have a veggie garden as such there are other options available to you.  Be creative using other approaches as shown in the images below.  With so many ways to grow potatoes (including sweet potato) even gardeners restricted to a small courtyard or veranda can enjoy fresh, organic produce straight to the kitchen.

Potatoes are so easy to grow with only a few tricks to keep in mind.


1. Potato dislike the cold and frosts are a no no!  Open, fertile soil is a must and don’t over water them or they will rot.  Raised garden beds may be required to provide good drainage or place pots, tyres etc. on a bed of gravel.
2. If you are planting into the soil, ensure that it has had time to warm up after Winter.  Speed this up by pulling back any mulch and allow the prepared soil to sit for a couple of weeks.
3. Before planting, place you seed potatoes in a dry, bright area and wait for strong, green shoots to appear, then plant them out.
4. Regardless of the growing method you choose, once the potato plant reaches 30cm cover half the plant with soil or compost/mulch.
5. Ensure that the potatoes themselves are kept covered by soil or mulch at all times, otherwise the potatoes will go green. It’s recommended that you don’t eat green potatoes as they are considered toxic.
6. Potatoes can be harvested when they are at a size you like.  Leave the smaller ones to continue growing enabling you to enjoy your harvest sooner.


 HOT TIP – If you have store bought potatoes sprouting in your pantry, you can use them to grow more potatoes!! Large potatoes can be cut into sections that include a sprouting eye and planted.

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