Regardless of how big or small your growing space is, now is THE best time to rejuvenate your soil and get some seeds or seedlings into the ground.  Spring gardening is a fabulous time of year with sublime scents that fill the garden and longer warm days to stimulate growth.

If you’ve ever dreamed of growing your own food well this is officially the season to make a start.  The most important thing, apart from watering, is making sure your soil is jam packed with nutrients ready to support your new plantings over the coming weeks/months.  Existing beds could have some compost, aged manure, and where needed lime to sweeten the soil.  The other way you can cheat is to make up a mix in a bucket and when planting use this soil to provide a large growing area of new enriched soil for your plants to thrive in. Either way planting will require additional fertilizing next month to maintain growth & fruiting.

If you’re establishing new productive garden beds, then buying in some quality “Farmers Blend” soil is the best approach.  Raised garden beds makes for easy gardening regardless of your age but remember you don’t need to fill the entire height of the bed with expensive soil.  Providing good drainage is a must but quality soil really only needs to be to a depth of 40-50cm for most things you will grow.  Carrots will do wonderfully in open new soil at this depth ensuring no deformities with forking.

If growing this season is something that’s just not going to fit into your world then consider planting sweet potato and let it take over the entire bed until harvest time just before Winter.  White potatoes are planted now too so depending on how much room you have; you could plant both and reap the rewards.


Remember that no matter where you are in Australia, our Summers get HOT!  Providing some protection for your vegetable plot to manage the midday sun will be a little job well worth doing through spring. Shade cloth draped over a frame can be removed when not needed and substitute for netting to protect against cabbage moth & other insects/birds during other seasons.

Irrigation is also another must for easy fail proof gardening for the busy Greenthumb.  The more automated the better and don’t overlook the DIY kits that you can purchase from hardware stores.  It will take you back to your childhood, being as simple as Lego to put together.

Grab our Vegetable Garden eBooklet for just $5.50 and we’ll guide you through the growing season from set up to harvest.  Step by step advice from layout, soil prep, a monthly planting guide, specific to your region of Australia, along with organic sprays to keep things healthy for all in the garden.  Let us guide you to success so you can focus on producing wholesome food for your family.

When you have the right guidance then growing is easy and then it’s all about planning.  Spring sees citrus’ flowering, bringing the most incredible smell to the garden.  Mangos are setting fruit & Avocados are starting to ripen.  Fruit trees make a great addition to the garden and can be used decoratively.  Some fruit trees like citrus, grow well in pots if given the right attention.

If you have a copy of our Vegetable Garden Guide, then you are all set to work out what you are planting this season.  Remember to consider the height and size of the plants that you choose and how to arrange them within your garden bed so that each of them benefit each other.  Taller species like corn and tomato rows can be used to protect delicates like lettuce & salad greens from the harsh afternoon sun.  Herbs like basil are a must companion for tomatoes to reduce pests so go crazy with them and benefit from plenty of foliage to pick to make a yummy pesto.

Have fun this growing season, trial and error is often the most rewarding part of growing your own food.  Please remember we are right here if you need some support.  Our 1hr Garden Consultation could be all you need to ensure you are moving in the right direction, saving you time and money.

Happy Gardening!



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