Sweet Potato (Ipomoea batatus) or Kumara (traditional Maori name) is considered
one of the world’s most significant food crops. High in Vitamins A, C, E, B6, calcium,
potassium, anti-oxidants and dietary fibre this tuber is an essential inclusion to your
Sweet Potato
Considered better for you than the white potato, due to its low GL (Glycemic Index)
scale, this awesome veggie also offers edible foliage! Young shoots can be picked and
added to salads or steamed as a substitute for spinach.
 Sweet Potato Foliage
We are so lucky in the subtropics to be able to easily grow this one.  So if you love
this vegetable as much as I do, consider planting some this coming Spring.  They love free
draining, open soil and once planted look after themselves nicely, so plan now to have
space available in the vegetable garden.
If you are about to harvest yours before the cold weather sets in, then enjoy this
nutrient packed wonder food and read on to see our Autumn recipe which I’m sure you
are going to love!
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