Many fruit trees do not do well in pots.  If you are keen or you have space restrictions then consider growing citrus. Potted fruit trees do well in a sunny position with regular watering.  Regular fertilizing is the most important thing, seeing a six weekly feeding necessary.  Winter is the best time to plant one.

With dwarf varieties and multi grafted trees available, you could have a variety of citrus’ growing at your place. Placed on the deck, in the pool area, or on a large paved area citrus provide much needed colour via their fruit.  This is welcomed during Winter when the rest of the garden can be looking a little dull.

Potted citrus

With fantastic drying ovens readily available you will always have citrus for your favourite recipe or drinks with friends. The potted fruit tree “cumquat” works well within a Mediterranean Garden Design and the fruit makes a fantastically zingy jam.

Potted Fruit trees like citrus are a great addition to any size garden and with regular feeding they will perform well and add interest to an otherwise unused area.   Choosing the right pot & potting mix is essential. Ensure you start with a straight up and down pot so you can easily get the tree out when you need to repot. Standard premium potting mix will not be suitable for this job so source a specific mix for citrus. We always recommend, buy the best quality potting mix you can afford and your plant will reward you for it.

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