It’s that time of year again when the humidity starts and insects activity increases. Along with lawn grub, mosquitoes are a problem and with the added risk of health issues it’s important that you maintain your property to ensure there are no breeding grounds in your garden. 
Anything that holds water, even if only a small amount, will provide the perfect environment for breeding. Ensure that you minimize anything that would catch water in the garden, along with keeping house/shed gutters clean so water can freely drain.  
Magpie eatingEncouraging birds into your garden (by including a birdbath in your garden design) and they will provide you with some added support for insect eradication. Along with their beautiful song, Butcher Birds, Magpies & Kookaburras all do an amazing job of feasting on insects. Their job is often hard if you have dogs or cats but if you can somehow encourage them into the garden the benefits will be seen.
Snails, grasshoppers along with many other insects will be managed once your garden fills with feathered friends.