Understanding the importance of a good plant selection is often the most overlooked component of a good garden design.

Whether you are a green thumb or not, faced with looking after the plant selection in your garden can be daunting.  Often homeowners have the ability & knowledge to carry out the trimming, mulching & weeding required in maintaining gardens.  What is often overlooked is the suitability of the current plant selection that they have in their garden design.

If you were not involved in planting the original gardens, then you may well have purchased a property where the previous owners bought a range of plants from a nursery or Sunday markets and planted them in the best way they knew how.  This often works for a certain amount of time however this approach is fraught with danger, leading to overcrowding and endless amounts of maintenance.


Making Life Easier

Knowing which plants not only perform well in your region, but grow to a size and shape that works within the area they are planted, requires years of knowledge.  When working with an existing garden, it is important to identify the plantings that require a lot of maintenance, whether that be trimming, watering or fertilizing.  Are they worth having?  Do they provide you with some form of beauty or benefit throughout the year?  At the end of the day, if a plant is not working for you or your lifestyle then consider removing it.  Removing an undesired species, or the whole hedge for that matter and replanting using a more suitable species, will give you back time in the future.

Take a look at our Plant Profiles under “Hints & Tips” to learn more about the plants that work in your garden.


Simplify To Buy Time

We have spoken before regarding homeowners that are enjoying the latter stage of their lives and doing what they can to stay in their own homes longer.  Along with fitting out the inside of your property to assist with this, it is important to also think about the garden.  Don’t hesitate to invest in some good advice and have someone make necessary changes to your garden design to take the pressure off.  It’s amazing what a professional perspective will provide, allowing you to then continue with maintaining your garden, benefiting from the many overwhelming health benefits gardening provides.

With Ezyplant’s modular garden design system our garden bed plans will show you what to plant & where to plant it within the garden bed area, taking all the guess work out of establishing new gardens.   Choose from a range of affordable Landscape Packages that give you complete access to our range of garden plans along with valuable support.

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