Traditionally Winter is a time of introspection and contemplation in the garden but now is the perfect time to be initiating and clarifying ideas and planning any changes.  

relaxing in the garden

Consider your experience of your garden throughout the year. How do you spend your weekends? Are you spending half of Saturday mowing your lawn in Summer, when you would rather be somewhere else?

Perhaps that lawn space is too hot to enjoy, consuming mega litres of water to keep it green. Consider replacing a high maintenance, seldom used lawn with garden, providing Summer shade & interest to the garden space. Thinking outside the square can be difficult when it comes to making changes but utilizing your garden space to tailor to your lifestyle will make it much more enjoyable to be in.  

It won’t surprise you to know that clients engaged us to help them make garden design changes like this, but often their greatest need is with choosing the right plant selection. Not just because they’re not sure what grows well but they’re unsure of the habit and size of a plant & how to use it effectively within the design.  Placement of plants, especially feature plants and trees can turn your outdoor space into a place to admire.  If you entertain outside, then ensuring your garden design includes garden beds planted out with foliage colour along with flowers and a variation in leaf shape.  This is what makes a beautiful garden work for years to come.

Lilly Pillie psyllids

When simplifying plant selection to make life easier, it is always good to consider what plants are performing & which are not? Your busy life may not allow time for pruning that hedge, as often as you’d like, or perhaps you’d like to update the planting with plant varieties that aren’t susceptible to those strange little lumps (Psyllids), that appear all over plant varieties like Lilly Pily. It is with professional knowledge that good plant selection can be incorporated into your garden design ensuring low garden maintenance & optimal plant performance.



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