We often speak with home owners who have not long moved into their newly built home and the first thing they mention is all the exposed dirt outside & how it’s driving them crazy. It is at this point that my consultation with them is so valuable because money can be saved before laying lawn!

no lawnOften lots of money is wasted laying new turf to only then have to pull up sections for the installation of new gardens, sheds and pool areas. As hard as it is to live with the dirt for any length of time, it’s important to make some key garden design decisions about how you are going to use your block before investing in new turf.

If you have a small block where there is small front or back garden area, consider not laying any lawn at all!  A well designed garden that includes good structure, the right plant selection, along with garden features will make your home more livable and you’ll never have to spend time mowing or maintaining any lawn.

Edible gardens are becoming more and more popular too, providing fresh, nutritious produce straight to your kitchen. Whether you use raised garden beds or not is up to you, but surrounding the vegetable garden beds with decorative gravel or sawdust will ensure a no-mow area and more time for you to spend on other things.


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