Gerbera Flowers                                          

There is always alot of blurb about potted colour but at this
time of the year, when the garden can start to look a little
drab, potted colour is a real winner.  Bulbs are hard work in
our climate and inevitably we do not get cold enough days
& nights for them to perform their best. Petunias, Alyssum,
Pansies or even the hardy Gerbera or Gazania all look great
in pots (just to name a few).  A large feature pot cascading
with colour makes a welcoming display at any entrance, by
the pool or in an entertainment area. If you don’t like the
idea of more pots, try dotting these plants through the front
of your garden beds to add a wonderful display of colour.
For the small cost involved, a wonderful winter display
of colour can be easily achieved to brighten any garden. 
Planting them on water crystals will ensure that they are not
too needy, leaving you time to enjoy the glorious weather we
are too often blessed with during our cooler months.  Seedling
are now available at your local nursury or hardware store. 
Remember when planting into decorative pots to always use a
“Premium” potting mix.