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Callistemon or Bottle Brush

Adapted to our soils & climate, Native plants make for easy growing when the right variety is included in your garden design.  With the most common garden varieties of natives being Grevillea, Callistemon (Bottle Brush), Banksia, Melaleuca, Syzygium (Lilly Pilly), Leptospermum and Acacia (Wattle), they all bring their own beauty to the garden along with some providing brightly coloured flowers which attract birds, bees & other insects.

Throughout the year they put on a wonderful display of flowers on which nectar-feeding birds and bees forage. With their adaptability and reasonably quick growth, Native species are the lazy gardener’s choice. Also, use well to bring great structure to any landscape even though they are well-known for their less formal appearance.



Native plants like Grevillea, Syzygium, Leptospermum & Acacia prefer full sun and free draining soil and like all natives, will do well with the constant supply of nutrient that mulching brings.  The occasional feed from a native fertilizer may be required in some regions of Australia. However generally they do well just left to their own devices.

Native plant species


If you have an area in your garden that is poor draining there are some native shrubs that will thrive.  With a few Callistemon species that tolerate wet feet, and on the larger scale the Swamp Banksia or the Paper Bark tree, there are good options available for those difficult areas.

On the topic of poor draining soils and wet feet, we need to remember that in the sub-tropic & tropical areas of Australia, occasionally enormous amounts of rain can fall over a short period of time.  Regrettably, this can impact on our lovely gardens by de-stabilizing the root systems. This causes shrubs and trees to fall over, especially if high winds occur at the same time. Glorious established Grevilleas are well-known to toppling over. In these circumstances leaving you with a hole to fill in your garden.


If native, ever-green grasses appeal to you, the most common type seen are Lomandra or River Grass.  Some varieties grow to approximately 1m x 1m, with flat slender, strappey leaves and high spikes of beautifully scented yellow flowers that produce seeds. 

Native grass species

Lomandra – River Grass

This variety tolerates sun or shade and diverse soil types, which is another option for any poor-draining areas.

The Lomandra – Tropic Cascade is a smaller variety of Lomandra grass 60cm x 60cm which produces the same flower spike. However, the seeds are sterile and do not germinate making this smaller variety a must have in any Native Garden.  The added beauty of these grasses is that they provide a haven for green frogs, always look lush and stabilize the soil.

With so much variety to choose from, along with the added natural hardiness of native species, it is no wonder why they are so popular in the modern landscape.


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