Autumn brings cooler days and an opportunity to prepare the garden for the winter ahead & that includes your lawn.  After a long growing season the lawn needs some attention now and making some time to fertilize the turf will ensure it stays looking fantastic through the cooler months.

Turf Palmetto 03The best trick is to watch the weather and time fertilizing your lawn with good rainfall. I know that can be a big ask, but if you are successful you will save yourself on water costs.

If your lawn gets high traffic from the kids, pets or vehicles then aeration may be required to ensure water can be absorbed into the soil.  This can be easily achieved by using a pitch fork and driving it into the ground every small step you take, making sure the whole area is covered.

Organic fertilizers are easy to apply and better for the environment, so take a look at the range of fertilizers at your local hardware, the directions for application will be on the packet.

If lawn grub has taken its toll, then consider replacing the effected patches to ensure your lawn is looking good again come spring.  Learn more here.

Regular mowing is important to stop weeds from taking over through the cooler months so resist leaving it too long in between mows.

For small lawn areas within your garden, a click on pack of a Weed & Feed type product is the best way to give your lawn the T.L.C. it needs to get through the cooler months.


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