Now that we have had some rain take the time to give your turf a little helping hand.
The poor lawn has taken a beating lately!  If you are like me and find it hard to
justify pumping valuable water onto the lawn then your lawn, like mine, will still be
looking a little average.  It will recover however and with a little help your lawn will
be looking fabulous, maybe just in time for Christmas!
Try and make some time to aerate your lawn.  Depending on the amount of rain your

area has received over the previous month and how hard the ground is, will depend

on your success. If needed wait until after the next heavy downpour to aerate your
lawn otherwise you will find the whole process very difficult.
You can hire a manual lawn aerator or just use a garden fork, which is a little easier to
manage. When using the fork the goal is to get the fork into the ground to a depth of
around 5cm (2 inchs), this allows the rain & oxygen access to the soil ensuring min-
imal runoff and a happier, healthier lawn.  Simply push the fork into your lawn, then
move the fork front to back and then retract.  Take a step forward to repeat the process.
You will need to follow some sort of pattern to ensure you cover your whole lawn.
Once you have completed this process, apply a lawn fertilizer.  We always suggest you
choose an organic fertilizer and apply it, if possible, before the next lot of rain is ex-
pected.  If this isn’t impractical then ensure you water it in thoroughly.  If your lawn is
suffering from weed attack, it would be a good idea to consider using a weed and feed
preparation.  Two jobs done in one!
Don’t forget it’s lawn grub season again!!  Take a look at this interesting article.
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