Start thinking about what you would like to plant in your vege garden through
the cooler months. Plantings now will supply you with produce well into winter,
so consider your options.
If you are unsure what to plant or how to get started, you have to take a look
at our Vege Garden Eguide. Filled with heaps of valuable information we will
guide you every step of the way.  You will be planting in no time!
 Pumpkin Vine
In our Summer newsletter we encouraged our readers to plant out a pumpkin
vine. Well they should be well established by now and pumpkins of a good size.
If you are having trouble with fruit setting, then you may need to assist with
fertilization.  Given all the wet weather we have been experiencing, ensure
pumpkins are off the ground by sitting them on a paver or alike, alternatively
try to turn them regularly so they don’t start to rot where they are sitting on
the moist ground.
 Garden bed tunnels
Winter crops of broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage can sometimes be a real challenge
to successfully get to harvest. The cabbage moth can be a real pest over the
cooler seasons, so have a plan to deal with it. You can use sprays but consider
constructing a barrier using recycled items like you see in this image. 
Stakes, lengths of irrigation hose and netting will provide suitable protection
allowing you, not the caterpillar, to benefit.