Earthing or grounding are terms well known to electricians and electrical engineers as a way of eliminating interference by connecting circuits to the earth’s surface.  The same applies to humans, in that electrical fields induced into the body are reduced by grounding our bodies to the earth.  Research has shown multiple benefits to our sleep, pain reduction and stress management.  It involves us having direct physical contact with earth’s surface via walking barefoot, working or sleeping outside.  Exciting news for those of us who love to kick off our shoes at the end of the day and feel the grass underfoot!  Gardening barefoot is not recommended for safety reasons but I’m sure all of us are guilty of being distracted whilst enjoying a wander through the garden.

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Sleep disturbances, high blood pressure, asthma and respiratory conditions, rheumatoid arthritis and PMS are reduced in people connected to the earth.  Grounding is known to see waning asleep times, morning fatigue levels, and nighttime pain levels reduced, while daytime energy levels increased.  With better sleep and reduced insomnia, the effects on depression and generalized anxiety disorders may be surprising too.  Who doesn’t need better sleep right?

The research shows positive effects on stress management and activating the parasympathetic nervous system, bringing the participants back to a calm state.  The stress hormone cortisol was measured before and after grounding and an overall reduction in stress levels were recorded after a period of grounding.   A reduction in pain responses to exercise and relaxed state heart rate variability was also recorded, among other positive responses.

Check out the research yourself and see how earthing can have great positive effects on your health.  PLEASE, while you’re at it pull up a spot in the garden and reduce your stress levels even further!


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