If you’re planning on selling, then don’t underestimate the power of the garden to increase street appeal.  This helps your buyers imagine themselves playing and relaxing in their prospective piece of paradise.  So if listing your house is on the horizon, then a quick, cost effective makeover may just get you into your new property faster and with more cash in your pocket.

The process of flipping properties, or buying an under maintained property and renovating it for profit, may be a form of investment you dabble in.   Regardless, a well designed, neat & tidy garden invites buyers and guests into the home, highlights the front door, features architecture and is pleasing to the eye.   With the right approach street appeal can all be achieved within budget. 

What you can do.

Keep the garden design simple and in line with the architecture of the house.  Soften edges with leafy green shrubs and structural feature plants to highlight contemporary architecture and standout against modern neutral colours.   

Show them the way to the front door with a simple path of stepping stones or paving directly from the front gate or driveway.  Highlight the path with a low planting on one or both sides in narrow garden beds.  Using fewer plant species enable buyers to add their own plant choices after settlement.  A lower grown species, planted along the inside of the front fence keeps the line of sight to admire the front façade of the newly renovated house, enticing prospective buyers. 

Plenty of lawn to play on may attract buyers with children too, accommodating play equipment and the family pet.  If this is your market, then ensure family friendly features are highlighted.  Ensuring the lawn is fertilised & wonderfully green is a must making spring a great time to put your house on the market.

Invite buyers to take a closer inspection of the house by presenting the garden in the best possible light.  Ensure the garden is weed free, freshly mulched with paths swept and lawns mown. This will give buyers the correct assumption that the garden is in good order giving them time to settle into their beautiful new home. 


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