Create the perfect Garden with our professional Garden Bed Plans

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Choose a Garden Bed Shape and let’s dig in!


  • Our modular garden bed plans show you what to plant & where to plant it within the garden bed area ensuring success in your Subtropical Garden.
  • Each plan is complete with an easy to follow layout, full design description & any necessary maintenance information needed to make things easy for you.
  • Full plant selection is made available once you make your purchase. We stand behind our product with our 30 Day Unconditional Refund.




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Rectangle Garden

temperate climate garden

With this garden bed shape you can:

  • Plant a section of your boundary.
  • Wrap around a water tank.
  • Match with a Corner Garden Bed Plan and plant your whole property boundary.
  • Create some privacy or hide an unsightly structure or view.
  • Replicate the planting layout to plant out a longer area than 6M.

Corner Garden

temperate climate garden

With this garden bed shape you can:

  • Plant out the corner sections of your garden boundary.
  • Match to a Rectangular Garden Bed Plan and plant your complete boundary line.
  • Choose from designs that include a decorative garden feature.

Feature Garden

temperate climate gardenn

With this range of feature garden bed shapes you can:

  • Add interest to your courtyard, property boundary or open lawn area.
  • Choose from a range that include a garden feature, a feature tree or a feature planting.

Theme Packages

temperate climate garden

A complete selection of plans that work together.

  • Plans designed to work together.
  • Choose from different themed garden designs like Bird Attracting or Balinese.