I love the Summer months with long afternoons to get out into the garden, inevitably making dinner a late affair.  The garden is a wondrous place this time of year, new shoots, flowers galore and plenty of insects & hopefully lots of bees!  Summer days in the garden sees the native cicada make an appearance.  It is my favourite reminding me of when I was a child, playing in the garden, summer holidays and the great Australian bush.  That is one of the wonderful thing about gardens, they often bring back memories from when we were young & carefree.

Christmas is just around the corner with the joy of festive celebrations with family and friends.  Let us guide you through what can be done to whip your place into shape, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy your garden with the people that really matter.

Planting a treeWith the Christmas holidays ahead, you may have some extra time to spend in the garden, to tackle that landscaping project you haven’t gotten to or those gardening jobs that need doing.  If you are establishing new gardens or renovating existing beds then remember new plantings will require regular watering for a good couple of months to settle them in in this warmer weather.  To allow them to establish well, it is important to water daily for a couple of weeks then you can extend the time in between watering, depending on the daytime temperatures and rainfall. The best time to water is first thing in the morning or late afternoon, this allows the plant time to take up the moisture before it evaporates.  Native plant species will cope a lot better in general but there are still many hardy exotic species that cope extremely well in our Australian climate. Choosing the right plants can be tricky but when done well will reward you with a stunning garden that doesn’t make you a slave to it.

Don’t Forget The Mulch

Mulching is essential for success, if only around the base of the plant for starters and will help retain moisture in the soil & encourage the worms.  If you are planting into the lawn then spot mulch with a diameter of 1M around the base of each plant ensuring you keep the mulch away from the truck of the plant.  If you are planting a collection of plants in the lawn, then mulching them as a group will make mowing so much easier.  Band mulching reduces the competition for nutrients and moisture from the turf, allowing your new plantings to thrive and establish quickly, seeing maximum growth within the growing season. The process is… Remove the turf, plant, water well and then mulch the area using a composting mulch that will feed the soil.

The Veggie Patch

Time spent in the vegetable garden should be focused on ensuring you maintain watering & mulch levels. The heat does make things a bit more difficult but take a look at our other article Being Productive for some great Hints & Tips.

Still Time To Trim

trimming plantsLong Summer days in the garden means you can still trim plants back now if you didn’t have time in Spring. Heavy pruning should be done in stages to ensure you don’t lose the plant, so sticking to the ⅓ at a time rule will ensure success. Once the plant starts to show signs of recovering (by sending out new shoots) you can then take another third if need be. Tip prunings can be utilized in the compost bin and if you are lucky enough to have a mulcher or chipper then you know what to do with everything else…use it for mulch.

Summer is a great time for planning new sections of your garden or maybe a makeover.  Consider what you are wanting to achieve?  How do you use the space throughout the year but especially during the warmer months?  Then go about planning how you’re going to implement it.  Are you able to do some of the labour yourself, saving you some money or do you need to call a landscaper?  Either way a firm idea of your garden design will be imperative. 

Ever considered creating a garden for the kids?  Take a look at this great article for some great Hints & Tips on how you can get the kids back outside.

An Afternoon Of Potting 

Pot plants can really suffer in warmer weather and you would expect to have to water them at least once a week, that’s if you have used a good quality potting mix in the beginning. If they are struggling in between watering then you may need to re pot them.  As always use a Premium Potting Mix to ensure you give them the very best growing environment and you will cut down on your watering too.  Potted plants that are placed in the sun should be mulched ensuring the mulch does not sit against the trunk of the plant causing Collar Rot. Liquid Water Crystal products are an easy way to reduce the amount of watering you need to do and can be applied to pots, garden beds & the lawn as well. 

Take advantage, to make your long summer days in the garden, enjoyable days and have a fantastic Christmas full of family, love and wonderful memories.

Now don’t forget if you need support, any support, we are right here.  Contact us and we will schedule some time to chat, so you can get on with it.  It’s Easy with Ezyplant!


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