Prepare your productive garden beds now for Spring/Summer growing with a fresh application

of compost and some mushroom compost if you can source some in your area. If need be

apply some organic fertilizer or use a “Blood & Bone” product when you are planting. A couple

of teaspoons of Blood & Bone into the planting hole will give your seedlings a great start or add

directly to the bed if sowing seeds. If you have a dog then you may want to fence off your pro-

ductive garden because they will think there are bones buried and go digging for them.

Need some guidance on what to plant this Spring?  Take a look at our Vege Garden Booklet.

   Aerobin 400


Construct trellises for climbing plants before you plant the seed or seedling to ensure you do not disrupt the roots once

established. Consider reusing old gates or cutting fresh bamboo from your garden if possible to use for your trellis be

creative and recycle to save our planet.