With Spring comes a new zest for the garden and after months of cooler weather, which sees us retreat and live accordingly, the warmer days and nights draw us back outside to enjoy our outdoor landscape.  There is always plenty to attend to in Spring but as the soil warms and the cool nights disappear consider planting any new species that you planned to incorporate into your gardens during the Winter months.


Preparation of all new garden beds should have been completed but it’s not too late to start now, ensuring plants are planted with plenty of time to establish before the onslaught of Summer heat.  Careful consideration should be given to plant selection and placement within the garden bed area ensuring plants perform at their best and don’t become overcrowded.  Good plant placement will ensure you reduce the amount of maintenance your plants will require, giving you more time to spend on other things.


When installing garden beds, prepare your soil accordingly and create raised garden beds should you be blessed with heavy clay soils.  Mulch is an essential ingredient to a successful garden, so pile it on to a thickness of 7cm along with a top layer of pine bark or hardwood chip to ensure you keep the weeds at bay.

A garden is an ever-evolving project & with the addition of a pool, house extension or carport will see the need to make changes to your existing landscape design.  Planning is everything and will guarantee that your project is stress free and on budget.

Take a look at our Plants Profiles within our Hints & Tips page to help with your research. Often just identifying what plants will work in your garden along with realizing what plants you like and don’t like leads to the beginnings of a good DIY design.

If it all gets too hard browse our range of Garden Bed Plans which include plant selection suitable for your garden no matter where you are in Australia.  Our Landscaping Packages provide access so you can browse and review the plants used in each design, making it easy to choose the ones that will work best in your garden design.  If you need some one on one support then consider our “Supported” Package which includes Online Consultation time ensuring you get it right the first time, saving you time & money.

Our modular garden design system shows you what to plant and where to plant it in your region of Australia.

This Corner Garden Bed Plan can be used with the matching rectangle plan allowing you to plant out your boundary line.

Plant Selection is made available for viewing when you purchase a Landscaping Package.  Individual plans can be purchased providing the plant selection once you have made your purchase.


Fresh Spring stock now available at your local nursery.

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