Spring is here.  So, there’s a lot to do in the garden leading up to Summer in all climate zones in Australia.


Spring Lawns

The lawn is growing, so top dress and feed it now with an organic fertiliser.  Bindii is flowering & will be setting seeds, eradicate before the next lot of rain disperses them throughout your lawn.  This will reduce the amount that will germinate next year so take the time, hand pull or dig them out with a fork, these small plants come out very easily.

spring gardening


Spring Shrubs and Pots

Prune Camellias after flowering for a rounded shape.  Move small palms at the start of the growing season.  Prune and shape most shrubs.  Besides all that, repot plants outgrowing their current containers, trim plant roots and add fresh potting mix.  Plants are hungry and ready to grow after winter, so add compost, mulch and organic fertiliser to feed them.


Spring Plans

Plan and build your garden beds, finalize your landscape designs and see your ideas for a garden become a reality now.  Utilise raised garden beds to add interest and build up heavy clay soil, for no dig veggie gardens.  Select your plants, plant trees for future shade, shrubs for interest, flowers and scent.  Choose groundcovers to shade out weeds and border paths.  Mulch all garden beds to a depth of 10cm, helping the soil to retain moisture, feeding the soil as it breaks down and keeps the weeds at bay.

Prepare veggie garden beds with composted manure and blood and bone, dig them in well.  Plant tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, pumpkins, lettuce and beetroot.  Include capsicums, silverbeet, carrots and beans in your vegetable garden plans.  Fertilize seedlings with seaweed solution, ready for the growing season and to guard against shock from planting.  Mulch well with sugarcane mulch to keep the soil cool and slow down evaporation.

Most importantly, get most of the hard work done now before it gets too hot in our long Australian Summer.


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