Homemade anything is often better but sometimes having the time can be an issue.  This tasty side dish is easy to prepare & makes a great addition to your favourite burger, added to a roll filled with pulled pork or serve as part of your next BBQ.  Filled with nutritious produce you could be growing at home, all you’ll need to buy is a bottle of your favourite dressing.  These ingredients will ensure a fresh tasting slaw that will keep them all happy & coming back for more.

We served ours with slow roasted lamb (stuffed with garlic, rosemary sprigs & thin wedges of lemon) along with seasoned roasted potatoes.



½ Sugar Loaf Cabbage – Thinly sliced

2 x Medium Carrots – Grated

1 x Large Red Onion – Finely Diced

3 x Sticks of celery (leaves removed) – Chopped

1 x Red Capsicum (seeds removed) – Diced

¼ cup Chopped Parsley


Add all the ingredients into a mixing bowl and then add your favourite Coleslaw dressing.  Combine well and transfer into a serving bowl.

Wonderful side for an easy but tasty dinner.