In my opinion, Roast Pumpkin in a salad is delicious! 

This fabulous salad will make a wonderful addition to your        
Xmas feast and you can prepare it ahead of time!


600g Pumpkin
3 medium fresh Beetroot
200g Green Beans
150g pack of Rocket/Spinach leaves
200g Feta Cheese (Smooth)
100g Walnuts
Honey & Mustard Dressing of your choice.
(sorry no brands named here)
Roast Pumpkin  Beetroot Salad

Method. (just a little tip…keep the pumpkin and beetroot separate to alleviate the pumpkin staining)

Cut up pumpkin into roughly 2cm cubes and remove skin if required.  Peel beetroot and cut into roughly the same size. 
In separate bowls, oil and season both with salt and pepper and place on separate trays to bake in a 180°C oven for
about 40min or until each are tender and brown.  Allow to cool.  Trim green beans, wash and cut into mouth size pieces
then set aside.  Place walnuts in a plastic bag and gently break them up or you could chop them using a sharp knife. 
Be careful not to reduce them in size too much. When you are about to serve, place half the rocket/spinach leaves in
your salad bowel then half of the other ingredients. Then add the second layer.  This ensures that everyone gets all the
flavours in their serve, so no one is disappointed!!  Add the dressing as you put the salad together or allow your guests
to dress their own.