Rectangle Garden Bed Plan with Native Species – Members Only

This plan includes hardy native species that require little maintenance.

Syzygium - Aussie Gem. Evergreen native shrub with green and bronze foliage. White flowers appear in Spring followed by red berries.

Syzygium – Aussie Gem

Leptospermum - Rubrum or Dwarf Red Tea Tree.This compact growing shrub with dark burgundy foliage small hot pink tea tree flowers in Winter and Spring.

Leptospermum – Rubrum










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This garden bed plan includes native plant species that will thrive in full sun/part shade in your garden design.

Please click on the plan image above to expand & for more information regarding the plant selection included.

Optimal locations for this plan include:

  • Subtropical Climate Zone
  • Temperate N.S.W. Climate Zone
  • Cool Victoria Climate Zone


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