Make the most of the cooler weather, get your plants in now!

garden layoutThis time of year is often overlooked for establishing gardens & yet for you and your new plants, Autumn is one of the best times of the year to be installing new garden beds.

The intense heat of our recent Summer is still fresh in our minds and taking advantage of the Autumn weather allows your plants to establish themselves through the cooler months ahead.  Whilst you are enjoying the cooler days catching up with friends, your plants will be busy setting strong roots into the soil and getting ready for the warmth of Spring.  Longer days and nights along with the warmer temperatures of Spring will see your newly planted gardens ready to jump into action.  Sit back and watch fresh new shoots emerge and massive growth though the warmer months, leaving you time to head to the beach or enjoy a backyard BBQ.  So don’t waste time, make a start this weekend and get those plants into the ground.

Not sure where to start?

Choosing the right plant selection for your garden is the hardest part but ensuring you buy quality plant stock and prepare your soil well before planting are both equally important.  Sourcing healthy plants is easy when you access reputable plant suppliers but ensuring your soil is healthy and ready to plant into, can be a bit more of a challenge.

Knowing what soil you have in your garden will make fixing any issues easier but in short you need to provide good drainage and quality soil.

raised garden bedsIf your soil is heavy (Clay Soil) and you want to get planting, then consider importing some quality garden soil from your local landscape supplier.  Creating raised garden beds can be achieved by mounding your garden beds, providing a deep section of soil through the middle of the bed for planting.  An alternative is retaining the garden bed by using treated pine or concrete sleepers as a garden edge.  This will allow you to raise your garden bed by at least 200mm using one sleeper installed on its side and ensuring good drainage for your plants.

If you live close to the coast and your soil is sandy then adding lots of compost will ensure your new plantings receive ongoing nutrients & readily available moisture.  Regardless of your soil type, mulching is the essential final step.  Once your plants go into the ground & you’ve watered each plant well it is important to then apply a mulch.  Hardwood Mulch & what is referred to as a Forest Mulch are the two best mulches to use.  These mulches break down over time providing valuable nutrients to the soil, along with food for the worms that play an integral part in your soils health.  To reduce the chance of weed seed germination, apply a layer of Hardwood Chips or Pine Bark to the top of the mulch as a blanket to keep weeds from becoming a problem.

Raised soil and mulch should be kept away from the external wall of your home to reduce moisture and the ability for termites to enter your home.

Plant In Autumn – Choosing the right plants

Like we mentioned earlier,  getting the plant selection right is the hard bit but we’re here to help.  We’ve made the process easy for you by designing a range of garden bed plans, complete with a plant selection that will work in your garden. Choose from options to find the garden bed plans that best suit you, print your plans out and take them to your local nursery or hardware store to purchase the plants included in your plans.  This is also a great time to grab that beautiful pot or more practically, replace the garden hose that has been driving you crazy.  With all your plants in hand you are ready to start planting and with our Free Information Sheets we’ll guide you step by step though the process.

With Ezyplant’s modular garden design system, our garden bed plans will show you what to plant & where to plant it within the garden bed area, taking all the guess work out of establishing new gardens.   We stand behind our product offering a 30 day unconditional refund should you not be happy with your purchase.

Save time & money…Get it right the first time! 


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