Buying a property can be daunting.  Then, once you’ve moved in, it’s not uncommon for the most accurate budget to be spent before the landscaping is considered.  Planning a garden in advance and allocating a portion of your budget will ensure you add street appeal and increase the value of your investment whilst putting your own stamp on your property. When planning a garden, there are a few elements to consider before starting.

The primary consideration must be budget. Choosing the right plants will ensure you save time and money whilst providing you with the look and feel you are going for. The right plant choice for your climate will minimise plant failure seeing your garden establishing faster.  In comparing garden maintenance requirements and your time allowance for it, you need to be honest. Time poor home owners will benefit from choosing the right plant selection that fits in the urban and suburban space, cutting down on time wasting plants that outgrow their space.  Maintaining plants well chosen for the size with the garden design will save you time, allowing you hours of relaxation.

If your garden knowledge is limited then planning a garden should be more focused on the planning.  Engaging a garden designer can provide you with a plan to work to and if DIY is not your thing, then a good Landscaper can be money well spent.  If your budget is restricted, EZYplant specializes in garden plans to suit the DIY gardener. Take the guesswork out of your garden design with plants chosen for your climate and landscape size. Garden bed plan packages are available for all block sizes, providing you with a easy solution to planning a garden.

Realizing your limitations and accessing the resources you need will ensure your landscape project comes together seamlessly, saving you time & money.