The cooler months can see the garden become a little drab lacking colour but with some
well placed winter annuals, your garden will provide welcomed colour right though to Spring.
Australian garden colour
Filing the small available spaces in your garden beds with winter flowering annuals
is easily done without costing a fortune.  Planting them on water crystals will reduce
the amount you will need to water, making it an easy way to brighten your property.
The advantage of potted colour is that it can be moved around.  Moved into the
house for brief periods (like over the weekend), potted colour can be used as a
centrepiece on the table or brighten a spot in the bathroom or living areas.
Potted Colour
If you are unsure what to plant, the best thing to do is to see what your local nursery
is stocking. They will be able to advise you as to what is in season and where in the
garden it will do best.  Start with Petunias, Allysum & don’t look past the bedding
Begonia, they are so easy to grow!