The sting of a Green Ant is bad enough, but there’s a more dangerous ant to add to the list of environmental pests so lookout for deadly Fire Ants.

It’s present in the US, with infestations in parts of China and Japan also.  This native of South America is a threat to our outdoor lifestyle, local environment, agriculture and tourism industries and is to be reported as a matter of Biosecurity.


Fire Ants are known to be inhabiting some parts of South East Queensland including Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, Redlands, Scenic Rim regions and sporadically through the Lockyer Valley, Northern Gold Coast, Yarwun, Gladstone and Port Botany, NSW.  There’s a real risk of further spread through Queensland, New South Wales and the Northern Territory without proper control.



What can you do?

Fire Ants are a threat to turf crops, food crops and nursery species.  Their habit of eating seeds, tunneling through roots and stems, and attacking insects and animals that pollinate native plants is the problem.  You can help control their spread by checking pot plants, stores of mulch, topsoil and potting mixes.  They are often found under stored timber, near buildings and untidy, overgrown areas.

Also look closely in your landscape at soil built up around grass tufts and areas near open water storage including dams, rivers and ponds, and raised garden beds.  Report sightings of Fire Ants to local Environment, Biosecurity or Agricultural Department in your state and they will take the necessary steps to control this pest.





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