With the smell of Spring in the air there is the pleasant reminder of the warm days ahead in the garden. Spring is the best time to give your garden a good trimming, maintaining the required size of shrubs. Small trees like Callistemon can be reduced in size now to encourage fresh new growth closer to the ground. It’s important not to go to hard when cutting things back. The general rule is take a 1/3 and then take more once the plant has shown it has recovered by the appearance of new shoots.
If you have ornamental grasses in your garden design like Liriope or Orphiopogon then take a look at our short video. This approach can be applied to Lomandra & Pennisetum too, though these plant species will benefit from a more gentle approach.

Repotting PlantsRepotting potted plants

is a necessary task to ensure plants look their best. Pot bound plants will dry out fast and struggle to perform. Purchasing good quality potting mix is the first most important step and the secret to your plants success. Premium potting mixes contain quality soil, slow release fertilizer along with water crystals making ongoing maintenance a lot easier for you. In some instances a larger pot may be needed otherwise the following should be followed.

Step 1. Remove the plant from the pot and trim 1/4 of the root system away.

Step 2. Place the plant back into the pot on some new potting mix.

Step 3. Back fill with new potting mix and water plant well.

Step 4. Trim the plant back a little too and remove any dead leaves/fronds.


Tip: Fruiting species in pots will need a specific fruit/vege potting mix to perform at their best.


Expand on your garden design by installing new garden beds and garden features is definitely a great spring job. Planting is best done now as the plants will establish well with less stress and as always make sure you mulch, mulch, mulch. Mulching is a must but it is very important that the mulch does not touch the main trunk of the plant to ensure they doesn’t suffer from collar rot. 


Small no lawn Garden The addition of garden features, whether that be a spectacular feature plant in a beautiful pot, a unique piece of garden art or the installation of garden lighting, will all add to the feel of your landscaped garden. Along with beautiful plants and features, an inviting garden always has a garden seat positioned somewhere, so time can be spent enjoying the peace that a well designed & maintained garden will bring.

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