We all enjoy the cooler months in the garden for the change of routine and not having to mow as
regularly is a real plus, but unfortunately this allows the weeds to move in. A variety of winter
weeds including winter grass, bindii & dandelions thrive when mowing is less frequent giving
them the  opportunity to flower and then seed. Increasing the infestation for the following year.

Dandeloin      Bindii Seedling 
Flat, broad leaf of the Dandeloin      Feathery leaf of the Bindii

Hand pulling is your best plan of attack with poisons contributing to the decimation of our bee
population but unfortunately in this time poor world, it isn’t always a viable option.   If your weed
problem is only small then consider weeding them out by hand, I find this process very therapeutic
particularly on a gorgeous winters afternoon while the kids are playing. Weed seedlings are
easiest pulled but essentially the key is to remove them before they flower and set seed. The
chooks will love them, otherwise add to your compost bin or worm farm. Breaking the seed cycle
is imperative to avoid a greater infestation next year.  
Should you need to use sprays can I suggest applying to weeds that are not yet flowering to reduce
the impact on bee populations. These little guys are getting a really hard time and without them we
will all suffer.