Weeding & mulching is ongoing but if you don’t keep on top of one or the other, then getting things back in order can seem unachievable. If the weeds are out of control at your place then your biggest challenge now is getting on top of the seed cycle.

Controlling the Seed Cycle

Controlling the weeds

The best approach to weeding and mulching is to divide the problem area into sections and with the time you have available on that particular day, weed and fully mulch that section. All too often the weeding gets done and then due to other commitments or weather conditions the area is left without mulched, allowing for seed germination to occur and then you are back where you started!  Moving through your property, section by section, will ensure that you make good progress and you will have your garden back in shape in no time. Choosing the right mulch is always the most important thing and knowing the difference between mulch, chip & pine barks will be the difference between your plants thriving or not.

Weeding & mulching is often underestimated with regards to the benefits each provides to your plants. Staying on top of these two will make your gardening journey that much easier.

Planning For The Cooler Months

Planting Roses

If you have ever thought of growing roses then early Autumn is a great time to design your garden beds and get them ready to plant. Bare rooted roses like to be planted out over the cooler months, so they have time to establish themselves before the warmer weather returns. However potted roses can be planted out year round.  Raised garden beds provide good drainage but it is essential that the soil is of good quality with the correct PH of 6.5-7.5.  If you are short on time then growing roses is probably best avoided as they require quite a bit of attention.  Take a look at The Queensland Rose Society Inc website for more information and events.

Adding Colour

pansy As the garden slows down and the natural light changes, providing some added colour to the garden beds can ensure your garden design maintains a bright, enjoyable feel through the cooler months. Planting bulbs will provide the colour and beauty that a Winter garden needs though can often lead to disappointment in the subtropics, but bulbs that come from Africa are worth a try in warmer regions. Try planting out watsonia, tulbaghia, scadoxus, chincherinchee, lachenalia and freesias. They all need full sun and best grown in raised garden beds with well draining soil. Give bulbs a try otherwise you can’t go past flowering annuals like dalias, pansey, lobelia, snap dragons & allysum.

Now is a good time to assess your garden. Life changes so quickly and if your circumstances mean that you may have less time for the garden this year, then it’s time for the garden to make a change too. Shrubs that need regular pruning or hedging may best be replaced with a more suitable species that requires less maintenance. Creepers & vines may need to be taken out and replaced with decorative screens or a feature wall if privacy needs to maintained.

Potted Plants

FertilizingPotted plants are lovely to have around the house but realistically they require regular watering, unlike planted plants in the ground.  Consider being ruthless and getting rid of your pot plants until you have more time to dedicate.  If culling is not an option then apply a water retention product to optimize the water holding capabilities of the potting mix & while you’re at it, a slow release fertilizer for potted plants. If possible always use a Premium Quality Potting Mix as these include water crystals and slow release fertilizer, ensuring your plants have the best growing environment and that they require less attention.

Autumn is a wonderful time to give everything a little attention.  Trimming, removing spent flower heads from plants like Agapanthus & generally getting everything ready for Winter.  With a little attention now you can spend winter establishing a fruit orchard, designing new garden beds, constructing new garden features like arbors & gazebos or just focusing on your productive garden.

Whatever you choose….Enjoy!


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