Now is the time to trim and shape shrubs that need a little attention. If you have spring flowering species then these
are best left till after they finish flowering. 

Don’t know how to trim?  See how here. 

Splitting up any of your clumping plants like Agapanthus, Liriope, Dianella and Mondo Grass, so they can be utilized
elsewhere in the garden, can save you money and by incorporating these plants though your garden beds you tie
your garden design together, giving an overall professional look.

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If you haven’t received much rainfall in your neck of the woods then do your best to give everything in the garden a
good drink. Recycle grey water, utilize tank water or straight from the tap, whichever you choose dedicate some time
to the job and instead of giving everything a short, surface drink spend the time and make sure the water is getting
down deep into the soil. This encourages the roots of your plants to grow deeper where there is generally more
consistent moisture and therefore makes them drought tolerant, which saves you having to do this job again any-
time soon.  Make sure your gardens have a good layer of mulch to help inhibit water evaporation. Hopefully nature
will step in with Spring rainfall and ease the load for all of us.


                                                Forest Mulch with fork










Fertilizing your shrubs whether through a slow release or soluble application can be done now and if you have a
large garden then reapplying clean, decomposing mulch to your garden will be very beneficial, encouraging the
worms and supporting your plants through the warmer months. Don’t forget to give the lawn a little attention at this
time of year too & after you have given your lawn area a good forking (to help with aeration and water penetration),
an application of a weed and feed will have it looking lush in no time. If your garden is small or you’re a greenie at
heart, survey your turf for the bindii plant. This little nasty can be a real pain for the children and your pets. They are
easily pulled by hand, as opposed to spraying, and the time you spend this season getting them under control, will
see next spring with less of an infestation.

  green turf                                          


Now regardless as to whether you have an existing garden or you are just starting out, this is a great time to mulch.
If you’re starting with an empty canvas then read on but if you want to make a start now, but the budget doesn’t
stretch to start planting, then if nothing else get your structure in place.  Allocate your garden beds, prep your soil
and mulch!  Wonderful things are happening under that mulch whilst you’re saving the money to purchase your plants
and you will be surprised just how much difference getting to this stage will make to the presentation of your property.
For all of the established garden owners all I can say is mulch, mulch, mulch. Remember don’t exceed 10cm in depth
and if you can apply after the soil has received a good amount of water then it will put you in a good position for the
start of the warmer months.
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