For many living in units or rental properties, potted plants are the only way to enjoy the plants they love and appreciate. Regardless, if you have potted plants at your place then they will, at some stage, need to be divided & re-potted.  In most cases this will mean potted up to the next size pot, to ensure they continue to thrive.

For some this is a daunting process, so we’ve broken it down into easy steps to ensure you get it right and your plants love you for it. 

Take your time in choosing your new pot to ensure it suits your style, your plant and provides the necessary drainage required for the health of your plant.

The easy way to pot up your pot plants

1. Choose A Larger Pot

It's always important to go larger but not too large otherwise the plant can look very small in your chosen pot. Ensure your pot provides good drainage for your plant through an inner sleeve or drainage holes.
The easy way to pot up your pot plants

2. Always Use Quality Potting Mix

Like us, good food and water maintains health and your plants are no different. Quality potting mix ensure ongoing fertilisation and the inclusion of water crystals ensures you're not having to water too often.

3. Place A Little Mix In The Pot

Some potting mix in the bottom of the pot allows the roots of the plant to grow and access more nutrients and moisture. This guarantees not only growth but the ongoing health of your plant.
The easy way to pot up your pot plants

4. Ensure The Correct Height

This is an important step so take your time to ensure that the plant is sitting at the right height within the pot. Compress the potting mix in the bottom of the pot to ensure the plant doesn't sink as it settles.

5. Don't Overfill Your Pot

The original soil level should be maintained, sitting towards the top of the pot whilst allowing for easy watering. This will maximize the time between potting up, giving the plant plenty of room to grow & thrive.

6. Press Potting Mix Around Edges

The potting mix will settle once you water the plant so ensure you press the mix down the sides of the pot. This not only maximizes the amount of mix but also removes any air pockets around the root zone.
The easy way to pot up your pot plants.

7. Water Well Before Positioning

The first watering should be thorough to ensure all air pockets are removed. Top up the potting mix if needed once the pot has fully drained and then water again before moving into its final position.
Final Plant Potted up

8. Enjoy & Repeat When Needed

Potted plants provide so much joy regardless of whether they are positioned inside or out. They do however require attention from time to time to ensure plants stay healthy and happy.