With housing prices as they are more people are choosing to renovate their homes and stay a little longer. Undoubtedly spending some time and money on renovating your house is money well spent, but don’t over look the value added with a well designed and landscaped garden.Your garden should be an extension of your home providing just as much livability.
The inclusion of particular garden design features such as an open paved courtyard, play area for children, outdoor kitchen or productive gardens enhance your homes appeal and not only increase its overall value but its salability.  Designing a practical garden that reflects your house in very important but if your budget doesn’t extend to adding new elements than there is still lots you can do before you call an agent.
Spry Backyard
Presentation is key, so ensure you address the following.
– Plan ahead and trim all existing shrubs so they look their best for when you do list your home.
             Remember heavy trimming is best done in the warmer months
– Ensure your garden edging is in good order, replace or fix if needed.
– Remove all weeds, dead leaves/fronds from garden beds, paved areas and the lawn.
– Fill the gaps in the garden beds by choosing new plants  to be added.
– Apply a fresh layer of mulch, wood chip or bark to your garden beds. This will make all the difference!!
– Repair or returf areas in the lawn that have been damaged. Nothing looks better then a healthy green lawn. Ensure you keep it mown and fertilized.
– Consider some potted flowering annuals. These can be featured in different areas of the garden such as at the entrance of your home, on the deck or courtyard, or buy the pool.
– Clean concrete/paved areas using a pressure cleaner to remove built up dirt and mould.
– Assess your boundary fence for need of any repairs especially the front fence. If you have a front gate make sure it is working well.
Now that you’ve got the place looking its best you’re ready to sell so continue to maintain all your hard work until you get to hand over the keys.
Good luck!