Before the days get too hot give all your shrubs a good trim. Pruning, bushes up your shrubs and encourages flowering
whilst giving your shrubs great shape. It is however important to know when each species is due to flower otherwise you
might be cutting off the branches preparing to flower, therefore you will miss out on the display this year. Removing no
more than a 1/3 at any time is an important rule for trimming. This ensures that you don’t put too much stress on the plant.
Once the plant starts to shoot, feel free to take a little more if necessary.
Ornamental Grasses can be cleaned up too now by cutting them back to 5cm above ground level. As you can see in the
images below it looks pretty drastic but they will shoot and look fresh and lovely before you know it.

 Grass Trimming 3   
  Grass Trimming 1     Grass Trimming 2     Grass Trimming 4  

Take a look at our Video Tutorials if you need some guidance on splitting up your ornamental grasses so you can plant them into other
areas of your garden.
Splitting up can also be done with Agapanthus, Dietes, Liriope and Pennisetum.