Have the kids grown out of their galoshes or maybe yours have seen better days? Here is a lovely creative idea to recycle your garden shoes and decorate a section of your garden with some flowering annuals.

Any holes will provide good drainage, so don’t be too worried about that, but they will need to be lined with an old stocking or some light material such as weed mat or hessian to stop the potting mix from falling out. Use a good quality potting mix to ensure that your display performs. Cheap potting mixes don’t include good quality fertilizers or water crystals necessary for plants to grow well and flower for extended periods. Do yourself a favour and always buy “Premium” Potting Mixes.


By cutting some holes into the back of the boots, use wire hooks or lengths of wire to secure the boots to the fence. Choose flowers like Alyssum, Petunia, Marigold, Pansy & if you are giving winter flowering bulbs a shot these could be used too. With good drainage and a suitable potting mix, herbs like parsley, oregano, thyme or even some strawberries will look lovely and provide healthy produce for the family to enjoy.

A sunny spot will be essential and should the side fence not be an option, a feature screen using some lattice or alike, makes for a functional decorative garden feature that could be hiding an unsightly area such as the rubbish bins. You could also feature the planted shoes just by arranging them on the ground in the entertainment area, near the front door or in a section of a garden bed.

Regardless they are sure to brighten any spot in your garden this winter.


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