Commonly known as the cardboard palm or cardboard cycad this hardy, slow growing species (originally from Mexico) will feature well in most garden designs.  Mass planted to create formality or planted in a decorative pot to feature in a courtyard or entrance, this species will not disappoint.  Sensitive to frost, Zamia is adaptable to most positions though sun hardened plants should be sort for full sun positions. Performing best in warm conditions throughout Australia, Zamia also thrives in warm protected positions in cooler regions performing best in humus-rich, well-drained soil in decorative gardens.

Zamia species                           Zamia leaf

Zamia furfuracea makes a great substitute to Cycas revoluta which is susceptible to attack in Spring (throughout Queensland and N.S.W.) from the Blue Butterfly.  Its larvae cause devastation to the plants foliage in very little time and action will need to be taken to protect against its attack.  Take a look at our blog post for more information on managing existing plantings of Cycas revoluta in your garden.

Growing to approximately 1m, Zamia is a substantial plant which will provide structural and foliage interest to enhance the plantings within your garden all year round.