This lovely shrub, (Snow Flake – Euphorbia leucocephala) provides a real show this time of year, adding to the garden with its proliferation of creamy/white flowers.

Snow Flake - Euphorbia leucocephalaOnce this spectacle is finished and the shrub is bare, it is best to cut this little beauty back and this should be done quite hard. Be sure to wear some old clothes because as with most Euphorbia the plant contains white, sticky sap that will stain your clothes and stick to your skin, sometimes causing irritation.

Growing up to 3m tall and 3m wide and loving a full sun to semi shade spot in the garden, a good trim will ensure that this shrub will delight you again next year with a compact display.

Remember to mulch well and if you are planting a new one in your garden, then ensure your soil is well drained or create raised garden beds by mounding them with good quality garden soil.